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Photography by Nicole Romanoff

While Alexis Normand may be an industry veteran, her latest release Mementos was her debut release as a solo artist. The bilingual album is a companion piece to her documentary film “French Enough” that made its debut at film festivals in the Fall of 2022. The album is a storybook of nostalgic tales reminiscing on family vacations, new love, and the struggles of finding strength in coming to terms with ones authentic self.

The album cover reflects that narrative as a shoebox of memories piled on the old dining room table. All the photos and various ephemera included on the vinyl package are from Alexis’ family photo albums and boxes of mementos. The single covers were treated as if you were flipping through a small old photo album. Each of the photos from the four of the single covers buried in pile of photos on the cover.

The muli-page bilingual (french/english) website included a navigational landing page that reacts with a roll-over animation in relation to the mouse location. When the mouse is left of centre (ie. MUSIC side) that side of the image becomes all colour, while the FILM side remains black and white, and when the mouse is right of centre (ie. FILM side) that side switches to colour. It was critical we streamlined the navigation to feature clear pathways to Alexis’ Music and Films. We mirrored the pages to facilitate navigation and a create smooth transition between the two portals. The website kept a clean and contemporary aesthetic to ensure a cohesive look in the transition between releases without the need for a full site redesign. Much of the site was custom coded, however we included a dashboard item that would allow key elements to be easily updated by the client’s team throughout the release cycle.

Date & Time

September 15, 2023