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Out of the thousands of pieces I designed for the Canadian Country Music Association, Country Music Week and the CCMA Awards, I am most proud of this beautiful new award statue. This sleek contemporary design was honed from one of the first sketches I made when the CCMA honoured me with the project of redesigning the iconic trophy.

The angle at which the top of the statue is cut is the signature CCMA angle, which has been incorporated into the new CCMA visual identity system. I worked closely with Crystal Sensations selecting the ideal materials to give this show-stopping piece a truly luxurious style.

The CCMA Awards logo “leaf lines” were engraved into the bottom of the trophy as an homage to the previous two award statues. Those leaf lines are angled in such a way that when viewed right side up the vertical centre and two lowest lines make up the outline of the third generation statue (1997-2018) and when viewed upside down the centre 5 lines create the second generation statue (circa 1990s-1996). Unfortunately I was unable to incorporate the first generation CCMA Award statue due to its elaborate shape.

Date & Time

September 8, 2019