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2023 WCMA Excellence In Visual Design Final Nominee (Create Wonder crewneck sweater)

Damn You July Photography by Samantha Chan

Hailey Benedict’s summer single might include sun and sand, but the song tells a very different tale. Hailey and her team wanted to show a more mature confident style to accompany strength of the new music. The typography was carefully selected to pair with the striking photo of Hailey, while not overpowering it. The title treatment is clean at its base yet bursting with the chaos of swirling waves, not unlike the emotional journey of the song.

Hailey’s winter tour merchandise, the “Create Wonder” crewneck sweaters was inspired by Hailey Benedict’s vision board. To bring it to life, we carefully curated graphics that captured both the vibe of the music, and Hailey’s energetic spirit. We chose the record, palm trees, polaroid, and Mustang because they evoke the wanderlust heard in Hailey’s music. The Telecaster is representative of Hailey’s popular guitar shredding TikToks.

Wanted You To was Hailey’s debut single that included nostalgic themes of things she wanted her partner to do. Here we took a traditional vintage photo approach, with warm tones, vintage Parisienne colour palette and film slide frame.

Date & Time

June 23, 2023