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2023 WCMA Excellence In Visual Design Final Nominee (HALULU album package)

Album photography by Georgie Lawson

Album illustrations by K.C. Hall

Think of You photography by Deirdre Leowinata

Hayley Wallis brings a refreshing new sound to the west coast with her latest release. For her first two singles she let us really pull from the narratives woven throughout the songs to build the cover art.

Hayley’s debut single Coffee Cup includes a prism effect representing the many faces we wear in the various ares of our lives, as described in the narrative of the song. We felt this was particularly fitting because beautiful colours shine when the light passes through. We kept the type really contemporary to avoid distracting from the cover image and maintaining high legibility on the somewhat busy background.

For the Think Of You single, we went with a surreal sketched collage concept to add more of a narrative to the piece. It evokes a reflective feeling as if Hayley is reminiscing on memories (ie. a trip to the mountains, flowers he bought her, scattered clouds at the beach, etc.). We used the same type as was on the first single to string both pieces together, even though they’re different artistically.

When the time came for the album Hayley had a clear vision for her debut. She commissioned artwork by K.C. Hall and we were invited to combine those illustrations with Georgie Lawson’s photo. With so many talented hands throughout the process this package stands out in every room.

Date & Time

November 18, 2022