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Lorde’s debut album was a refreshing departure from the candy coated pop music dominating the airwaves by her counterparts. It was a very exciting day in the studio when I was commissioned to create the advertising campaign and subsequent platinum awards for Lorde’s full length debut, Pure Heroine. After diving into the background of Lorde’s style I found quickly that she was not one to shy away from alternative creative styles. As such we opted to further play on her “Pure Heroine” album title for the advertising campaign with the final copy being: “LORDE, the only PURE HEROINE on the market.” I opted to use a lesser known portrait from the inside of the package with a light grey paper background to further differentiate this campaign from the old dark promotional materials created earlier in the album cycle.

For this release I developed a limited edition vinyl poster for fans to win and/or buy at Lorde’s upcoming concerts. These posters were numbered and individually autographed by Lorde to be one of a kind keepsakes for her devoted fans. I decided to print on vinyl to give the posters a more art like feel similar to the royal portraits of Europe.

The next projects on deck were the multi-platinum award for her smash #1 single, Royals and platinum award for the full album. The three dimensional “Queen Bee” Royals award concept was created to accentuate the disparity of wealth resonating throughout the lyrics. I laser cut the casual photo of Lorde with a dog mounted to 1/4″ foamcore, surrounding it with velvet curtains, gold curtain ties, hand painted gold lettering and highly ornate frame to complete the concept. The award concept for the album was a more subtle and contemporary style. I opted to replicate the typographic style of the cover by laser cutting out the title treatment from a black matte to reveal a brushed silver metal background beneath. The Lorde emblem included in the album package was recreated as a large vector logo and etched into the glass of the award. Both awards were received with great praise, when Lorde declared, “[Universal Music] Canada creates the best awards!”

Date & Time

February 14, 2014