Chris Buck Band

All In



The Chris Buck Band made a bold first statement for their sophomore album with the release of their bush party anthem single RDNKN. In our first concept meeting, Chris and I discussed how we would explore all the varied narratives on the album within one package. We both agreed that no single set of photos would be suitable, so a more illustrative style allowed me the creative freedom to tie the album together.

The camouflage cover background reflects the gritty tone established by the lead single, RDNKN. This background was, naturally, paired with a bright hunter orange on the inside spread. A minimalist style on the outside of the package helped to make a statement and increase the impact of the overall aesthetic. I adopted a vintage feel throughout to reflect the nostalgia I heard in many album tracks. The album title treatment uses a bold headline type and was given a screen-printed effect to appear as if it were directly applied to the camo material. I rotated the logo and title off axis to capture the fast and loose nature of the band. The track listing on the back was given a similar screen printed effect tying it into the cover. A sewn-on tag was used for the websites, legal, UPC and logo content. The “Recorded in Double-Wide Stereo” was designed as a tongue in cheek reference to stereo logos from vintage albums using a lyric from the RDNKN single.

This vintage feel was carried onto the interior of the package where I incorporated a series of old ads and illustrations. The ads surrounding the thank you section directly tie into each song on the album: Holy Ground = small farm town with church; Good Ol’ Days = boy on soapbox racer; Drink About You = beer with your lunch; Spin On It = dancing couple at party; Driftin’ = long distance moving; RDNKN = old fashioned southern fried chicken. These ads were intentionally placed on the right panel because they reference the music and the right panel includes the pocket where the CD is kept.

As a contrast to the busy inside spread, the CD label was kept somewhat simple. The big bold ALL IN type knocks out to reveal the CD surface and the rest ties into the album package using the signature hunter orange.

Leading up to a busy summer touring season I developed several pieces of artist merchandise to connect with the album. I tailored the collection of merchandise to the down-to-earth Chris Buck Band audience, ensuring there are unisex items as well as custom pieces tailored for men and women. Merchandise released during his summer tour include: the black unisex “All In” t-shirt, the military green women’s “Camouflage Queen” t-shirt, and metal “Redneck Life” dog tags. Altogether, the album artwork and supporting materials were developed with the core Chris Buck Band audience in mind, and were designed to stand out from the crowd.


  • Client : Royalty Records Inc.
  • Date : 08/02/2019