Environmental Graphics


I was commissioned to create a welcome poster for the front entrance of the Greenpeace Canada office that embodies the spirit of the organization. I focused on the iconic Rainbow Warrior III as the hero image and anchor for the piece. I have included the Sisiutl symbol from the Rainbow Warrior I, as the bright sun that watches over and lights the way for all of their actions, an homage to the ship, whose launch was the birth of the organization. The three doves represent the three incarnations of the Rainbow Warrior led by the dove from Rainbow Warrior I. The “forest of people” at the bottom represent the millions of people around the world who stand with the planet because we are of the planet. The @rainbowwarriorship is one of my biggest heroes and in researching her various incarnations I was truly humbled by the great things she and her crew have achieved. [original photo by: Oliver Tjaden / Sisiutl symbol by: Beau Dick]

I also worked with Greenpeace Canada on their 2015 Canadian election social media campaign, developing graphics for their messaging.


  • Client : Greenpeace Canada
  • Date : 26/07/2016