Lisa Nicole

Come Find Me


Listening to the album I noticed that a couple main themes rose to the top: searching, discovering & travelling. These themes appear in the title track, and can also be found in: Mad About It, We’re Gonna Be Rich, Missin’, and Where Love Goes To Die. The overall concept is based in the narrative of “Come Find Me,” where one would send their lover the package containing photos, a hand-drawn map and a note to come find you – a lover’s scavenger hunt if you will.

To further reinforce the storyline the map contains several references to the tracks on the album: 1) End point at the moon & trees: Come Find Me, “Where the moon falls soft through the trees…that’s where I’ll be…”; 2) The diamond end marker: We’re Gonna Be Rich, “Sun’s pullin’ through this window like gold, shinin’ on us like diamonds…”, referencing where you’d like to end up when he finds you; 3) Shotgun & Matches: Mad About It, “Shotgun draggin’ in the ground, cigarette to burn it up…”, I thought it would be better to use matches instead of cigarettes here; 4) Scrawled heart with lightning bolt: Where Love Goes To Die, indicating the spot where love goes to die. This concept has a great amount of depth and pulls the audience in to explore more of the art and find the hidden treasures throughout the package. The rest of the package follows this theme where I included element to look like something Lisa made by hand to give to her boyfriend as a fun romantic gesture.

The strength of the scavenger hunt concept is best exemplified in its ability to seamlessly expand beyond the album package and into a fantastic online/offline marketing campaign – Lisa would post clues on her socials for fans to participate in a real life scavenger hunt where they can enter to win a one of a kind Lisa Nicole prize pack.


  • Client : Sugar Pistol Records
  • Date : 06/09/2016