The Orchard

The Great Unknown


2016 & 2017 & 2018 & 2019 WCMA NOMINATED ARTWORK

The Orchard was looking for a change with their latest release, The Great Unknown. After exploring a new sound with producer Jim Scott in LA, Mitch and Kasha wanted to go in a new visual direction. They fell in love with the cover photo (captured by Neal Casal) and this became the anchor for the album concept.

As a collection, The Great Unknown explores several narratives, but overall it embodies a sense of wonder and lust for adventure. This sense of exploration is carried through the package with the vast landscape images and the hot air balloon design on the CD label. The hot air balloon is a romantic symbol. It represents being swept away on new adventures as described in “Sometimes I Wonder” and also swept up in love as explored in “Your Story”. Soon after the album’s release, the hot air balloon from the CD label became more popular with fans (and the band) than the album cover. We decided to use this graphic for promotion on everything from business cards to tour merchandise.

Though the band wasn’t keen on having their photo on the exterior of the package, the label had other ideas, so I developed the ghostly concept for the back cover that worked for everyone. This effect also worked to blend the cover image into the back almost seamlessly. The inside of the package is a semi-mirrored version of the outside, but in focus to showcase the band and balance out the credits and label copy.

The band website leads with the photo that was eventually used on the back cover of the album, and carries the black and white aesthetic of the album art. The website was designed prior to the creation of the album, which is why the new band logo doesn’t appear. The logo currently on the website comes from the cover art of the first single “Sometimes I Wonder”. Since it pairs well with the new brand, it was left in place on the site until the next major design overhaul.

The new Orchard logo was developed to better reflect the band’s new rock/country style as an evolution of their former aesthetic. I kept the oversized “O” and “D”, as a nod to the brand they had been using for many years.

The single cover for “Bright Eyes” was intentionally tied more to the narrative of the song than to the album art. For this single, I created a visual translation of the music, using a multi-layer collage technique including found art, stock imagery and custom filters. This was designed to draw the audience in to the image following the protagonist of the song, while still maintaining the feel of the other singles, merchandise and the album.

The wanderlust reflected the album artwork and supporting materials explores a new side to the Orchard, inviting fans to join them on this journey into The Great Unknown.


  • Client : Royalty Records Inc.
  • Date : 10/03/2017