Tristan Horncastle

Turnin' Up A Sundown



The beautiful imperfections of the country lifestyle was the launch point for the artistic direction of this album package. The entire Tristan Horncastle brand was getting an overhaul for this release, so I developed a style guide that extends beyond the album package to seamlessly translate to additional digital and print applications.

I developed the “sun dial” logo and accompanying title treatment to be a direct visual representation of Turnin’ Up A Sundown by having the golden sun setting behind the hill-like banner, as the dial is getting turned up to 10 – fun fact: the dial originally went up to 11, however we felt that Tristan’s younger audience would not understand the “Spinal Tap” reference, so it was revised to the standard 10.

Tristan’s family roots are embedded deep in New Brunswick soil, and my colour palette stems directly from the rich dark tones of rural Atlantic Canada and contrasting golden sunsets that fill the light skies of the coast. Represented in the design are: dark forest green of forestry, navy blue of coastal waters, gold of the sun, and red rocks of the coastal cliffs as an accent colour. These rich tones tie the album, single covers, social profiles, website, merchandise and marketing materials, together to create a strong brand presence across all media. I paid homage to the vintage album covers of Tristan’s favourite artists by including a custom “Stereo – high fidelity” and record company logos on the cover. The rough vintage feel was carried through to the single covers and promotional materials where I used colour treated and desaturated photos for the main backgrounds.

The album photos were selected as a visual beginning for the narrative running though Turnin’ Up A Sundown. Light leak effects were added to many of the photos as a reference to the last beams of sunlight that peak over the horizon before sundown. The layout and placement of photos continues the story that began with the cover. You open the package to the first spread where Tristan stands with the truck, here I colour treated and lined up the photos to appear as though Tristan was looking back on the homestead that played a major role in making him the man he is today. This rural history bleeds into his music, which is why I opted to include the songwriting credits on this spread. Opening the third panel we find a more reflective photo of Tristan and a great country sunset, which was a natural place for him to thank those involved along with the production credits.

The package comes to a close with a photo from the alley behind a local dry cleaner where a few youthful nights were spent Turnin’ Up A Sundown and living the stories told in his new album. Through in-depth research and careful consideration we helped Tristan Horncastle make his mark and made sure the writing was on the wall.


  • Client : Royalty Records Inc.
  • Date : 05/02/2016