Twin Kennedy

A Twin Kennedy Christmas



The holiday season started in August last year with A Twin Kennedy Christmas. Carli and Julie were looking to create a timeless look for this package by turning away from existing Twin Kennedy brand elements. They wanted a holiday classic that would withstand any future brand identity changes, while still remaining very true to the twins’ aesthetic.

The most important message we wanted to convey with this album and associated marketing materials is the joy and laughter of a Twin Kennedy Christmas. From the album cover to the Facebook cover, we selected photos that were fun, uplifting and joyful. They let you in to a warm Christmas with the girls.

While this album does contain the classics, it is at heart a contemporary country Christmas record. With that in mind the “A Twin Kennedy Christmas” logo and typography were kept clean and balanced, using only the occasional added typographic flourish to key characters.

No matter the album, in most of their promotional materials, Carli and Julie are in photos together. For this reason I made a conscious decision to split them up on the inside layout. I wanted each of them to have a full panel to themselves with their primary instruments – which lets them shine and also helps fans identify which one is Carli vs Julie.

I kept a clean look with minimal decoration throughout using only the faded gold holly detail from the cover, and two golden bells. In each Twin Kennedy package I have designed I have included a decorative element to represent the duo. The “It’s A Love Thing” package contained a pair of songbirds, and for Christmas, I used a pair of gold bells. The Kennedy’s love these “twin” elements, which end up on supporting materials throughout the album cycle.

The CD label, fittingly, made the perfect Christmas ornament, like the antique Christmas balls placed lovingly every year on the Kennedy family Christmas tree. The design of the label was printed in metallic gold ink and included the decorative holly from the cover, along with additional ornamentation to bring a 3D Christmas ornament out of the flat CD.

To assist in marketing this holiday treat, I created posters, social media content, and postcards for radio. Additionally, Twin Kennedy and I worked closely together to create a collection of gift-worthy Christmas merchandise, including t-shirts, VIP tickets, postcards and magnets. These items were designed to reflect the warmth that I felt when I heard Carli and Julie recount stories of the Kennedy family Christmas. The t-shirt was designed to be stylish, like the girls, but also something that could be worn with pajama pants on Christmas morning. And the magnets and postcards reflect love and Christmas cheer.


  • Client : Twin Kennedy Entertainment
  • Date : 10/11/2017