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Don Amero came to us with this incredibly meaningful project and we wanted to give it a visual identity that matched the narrative of the podcast it represented. The brand shows it has seen some wear and rough times, yet offers a feeling of hopeful strength and clarity.

On the podcast cover at I added in the blue waves, I thought these made for an interesting element. They could be read in many ways: a blue flame burns the hottest, which references the intense struggles many interviewees have had to overcome; the soothing rainwater that helps cool even the hottest fires; or even the water vapour that rises after a fire or intense heat has been extinguished/cooled. I’ve used a layered torn posted background as a reference to how in this series of interviews, you’re peeling back the superficial layers to reveal the reality that lies beneath. I selected this shot of the open road in the American mid-west because of it’s traditional familiarity to poetic sentiment “the road of life is a journey taken one mile at a time.” Also, from a composition perspective it creates great visual harmony, the colours tie in beautifully with the TTF brand, and it even reinforces the rain/water/vapour of the blue waves.

Date & Time

August 30, 2022