Chris Buck Band

Chris Buck Band



The Chris Buck Band have made a name for themselves with their high octane sound and energetic live show, earning them the reputation as one of the busiest country bands in western Canada. Their debut album packs all that energy into eight solid tracks. The band’s boisterous spirit was the catalyst for the artistic direction of this album package and it’s supporting materials.

The cover photo made for an excellent introduction to the Chris Buck Band, as if the guys were just hanging outside your house waiting for you to join them on a joy ride. The vintage Ford LTD in the background has seen thousands of highway miles much like the band standing with it. In many ways the car, the band, and their fans are very similar. They’re all hard working, blue-collar, tough as nails, and love life on the road. The band photo is tied into the cover by framing it in chrome trim from the LTD. I custom-created the CBB emblem, and the three-dimensional band name, embossing them on the leather background to match the way they would be emblazoned on the hood and leather roof of the original car.

Just as if you opened the door and jumped in that Ford land cruiser with the band, the inside of the package is where the party begins. The wild background is created from layers of images, ranging from nightclub lights to a vintage gas station, and the grill of the LTD. Breaking a more traditional grid format and opting for an alternate layout of production credits and playing with the angles of the club lights created a dynamic layout for the interior of the package. The inside layout is meant to stand in contrast to the clean somewhat “quiet” exterior with a burst of energy rooted in the music itself, as if you just opened the door to your local honky tonk where the Chris Buck Band is tearing the house down.

The reflective surface of the CD worked perfectly to create a chrome hood ornament effect for the CD label using the CBB emblem. This feature adds a special visual element to the interior layout as the shimmering light draws your eye when you open the package.

The colour palette keeps a masculine aesthetic, focusing on the rich greens of the hedges, avocado green of the car, tan in the dirt road, black leather roof trim and white wall tires. These colours were carried through all post release marketing materials and merchandise.

The artwork and “Get Bucked” merch was designed to resonate with the college and blue collar demographics that put the Chris Buck Band on the map. The complete package walks a fine line balancing the duality of the Chris Buck Band, hard workin’ good ol’ boys with a heart of gold and the wild high-energy bush party band that you don’t tell your mom about.


  • Client : Royalty Records Inc.
  • Date : 21/04/2017