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YWCA Canada

Overall we wanted to evoke a hopeful feeling for the campaign, as it is shining a light on the very serious issue. The digital patten to the left of the street doubles as both a reference to the online sphere and the buildings that line city streets. Here we’ve used both tech and buildings to create a collage street scene where all structures are shielded from the blue streak by the warm umbrella. The blue streak is a tongue in cheek reference to the english saying “swearing a blue streak”. The technology is intentionally placed to ties into the overall aesthetic of the artwork and they present with similar textures to the city buildings which creates a more cohesive cityscape look. The pale yellow screen background with pastel frame is a contemporary twist on the popular retro 90s style. This artwork and its individual elements have an organic flow that presents a positive motion forward towards a brighter future. Several variations on the theme were created in both english and french, culminating in the 10 frame seamless Instagrom carousel “explainer”.

Date & Time

October 17, 2022